I live in Hoffmans Minde Kollegium, a Danish style dormitory. My kollegium houses a mixture of 50 DIS students and 50 International/Danish students. Anyone who is a student can live here, so some rooms are occupied by families with parents who are studying! The downside is that it’s actually hard to meet people who aren’t DIS students because there’s no real common room… and making conversation in the laundry room can get awkward. Otherwise I’ve made some great American friends. All of us are on the same boat, feeling a little lost in this new city, so it’s nice to have each other’s support.

I love my neighborhood Brønshøj- it’s a lovely area with the coziest looking houses. Two blocks down from our kollegium there’s a huge pond with a nature trail around it.

I don’t mind the half hour commute to school- the bike ride in the morning wakes me up for my 8:30 class, and at night it feels good to come home to a quiet suburb after a long day.

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